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amir khan as girl

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salman khan in girls clothes

amitabh bachchan cross-dress

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Surya crossdress marriage story Surya prakash... am staying with my the only son in my home.. am studying 12STD..near our home called selvi .... she studied degree, taking tuition's for the kids.... she is very close for us,and I called as dad died one year ago.. so we got a money used to go households work for money...I like to stay with fashion in my dress and hairstyle....bcoz am the only child in my home so my parents brought everything for me wat I asked..inn our school also knows me very well. So my friends told me to keep funk I didn't cut my hair for 2mnths... hair grown we'll, all friends told me its looking good.. mom told me ur hair is growing well and very fast like girl, u can grow your hair like ponytail its looks good and fashion also..I said yeh, my sister selvi came and said the same what my mom said before.. I was happy... I didn't cut my hair,and my sister used to put oil and comp every day.. days goes well, I also like my day in my school headmaster has changed so he made a new rules..Classwise all girls tied ribbons on hair and come he is very strict on that...All are followed his rules, I thought not for me I just went loose hair, that principal came our class for rounds he saw me why you grow your hair like this, I got shocked simply stand infront of everyone .. he gave me a options one I have cut my hair otherwise I have to tie ribbons on my hair with two plaits.. I saw his face and told I have vow for temple so this vacation I am going to shave my hair. He said with anger then no choice you also comp your hair like two plaits... I asked him how can I come like this, he got angry and told me to come to his office... I went their he was sitting.... he told me to sit in the other room..he called clerk lady to come to office..she came , principal told something to her and she saw me with cruel smile..I was thinking wat is gng to happen!!After sometime she came with comp and two ribbons ,,I was shocked and said no I can't... principal came and told you have vow ur not going to cut your hair so you have to follow the rules .if your not obey take your clearance and go home...inthis situation I can't change my school,because we don't have a money so don't have options so I accept..she start to comp my hair..she takes center part of my hair and ake two part of my hairs.. she put two plaits and made like girls and tied my hair with ribons.. finally she showed me a mirror...I saw my face and cried bcoz I look like a girl...I asked principal I don't want to class..but he said you asked me how can I come??! Like this only you have to come otherwise you come with your parents and take your transfer certificate... I went to my class all girls and boys saw me and shocked at the sametime some students laugh..I felt guilty..I went and sit on my table... class teacher told now only your looking so beautiful... I got angry I sat got over I try to remove that again principal came and told go like this then only your parents come to know our rules....I asked my class girls to give some cloth to cover my head... they gave me shall. I covered my head and went to home.. selvi saw me and asked me why am covered my head...I just went simply, she got doubt whether something injured while playing..she came inside, am in my room mom also asked me to show..I started to cry...selvi came and opened my cover she saw me and shocked and laugh...... mom also laugh and asked me what happened ? And did like this? I told them all the story....they laughing like anything ...I told my mom with cry mom I love my hair but I have to cut my hair..but selvi told me you can't do like this because you said you have a vow....if you cut your hair your principal will get more angry then he will give all clearance so you can't go I asked her with to do,she told me you look good like this, better you go like this in your school.... mom also said the same... so I also love my hair....I said ok... I changed my formal dress...selvi asked me to come her home..I went their,she asked me to come with her....I said how can I come like this...she said nothing you have vow u say like this to everyone...I said ok...I went with her,she entered in fancy store.. Sathya-2
We asked tat person to show the ribbons, I asked selvi why? She said its for my sister,I got confused??so I asked you dnt have a sister don't tell me lie!! She smile and told very silent in my ears its for you....I said I don't want....she told me tomorrow onward your going like tat only know, I said ok....she taken two sets of skyblue color for my uniforms... then again she took red,brown,yellow and pink...I confused why she is brought this much!!she asked sales person to show some hair pins as well...selvi has taken some new model hair pins and hair bands.... then we paid a bill and we reached home... she gave me a cover,I asked her to take. She told me its for you only...I said hair pins I dont want... she said no it must when you comp your hair two plaits...I just thrown the cover and went to my room.. mom came with cover gave to me, she told me she is like your sister only if she did something all good for you only.. I said ok... I told my mom to remove my hair...she removed my ribbons and made bun....then I touched my hair, I like my hair... I slept in that the morning I woke up and went to the bathroom, mom called me and put some oil on my hair told me to wait for sometime.. after 5mns I took bath and came. my hair was wet, mom took a towel covered my all hair tied like bun.... so I went to my room wore my uniform...I came out mom gave me a oil pot, told me to go selvi home she will comp your hair..I went their she was taking tusion...SHE told me to wait, I sat their she saw my hair I covered towel like women she was smiling .. am not understand why she is smiling..she called me I went, she thought me how to dry the hair before comp..I removed my towel and bend head down, she took the towel and dried ...I sat infront of her..she put the oil first and did some massage on my hairs..... then she started to comp in one-side, she took middle line of head and take two part of hair...she comp my side of hair, while Comping she told me your hair looking more beautiful than my hair you should take care well... mom came and gave me ribbons....she finished in one-side...I turn my head and start to comp otherside also...finelly she tid with ribbons and asked me to get some pins....I gave to her she put two three pins in my hair and told me its give safety from u looks more beauty...I told her thanks and went my home..... mom saw me you looks more beautiful in this hair style dear...I had breakfast and taken my bag to go school....I went to my school my classmates are looking me like anything... I asked them what ? The said sathya you looks more beauty in this style, till the day we don't know you look good in this... I told them thanks and sit on my male friends are teasing me, teacher came and saw me with double plaits she also said the same.... I was happy all are telling am looking lunch break I went out side everyone looking like strange.... I was thinking about my sister,she only made me like this....after school got over I went to sister home I told thanks..she asked me why, I said everything...she also happy.... I told her Saturday and Sunday leave...she said good we will make some new style... mom asked me today Friday we will go temple get ready..I said ok and called selvi also..we three reached the temple, we brought some flowers and went for pooja.... swamyji came and took some flowers from inside gave one bunch to selvi and mom to keep their hair.... mom got upset. Bcoz she can't keep the flowers in her hair.....selvi kept some flowers on her told this from God we get its for selvi told my mom to keep sathyas hair...I shocked and look at the selvi.. she convinced me because my mom was I accept , selvi took some flowers came near to me I turned my head and showed she kept bunch of flowers. .. mom kissed my cheeks and said I am sing happy today... I also seen after my dad death today only she smiling like this..we sat some time in temple .... then we start to go home,while going everyone tellngmy mom your daughter looking good... I not heard properly..I just shaken my head and start to walk.... we reached our home one of my aunty saw me and told sathya flowers are looking super..i said thanks and went and took mirror and saw I looks more beutyfull with flowers.. I told my mom I like to keEP flowers in my hair whnever am in said ok?. Sathya-3
Mrng I woke up..I went to selvi home she was not their..I came to mom asked about said she went to ear Pierre function, she will be back in hour .. I asked her what is that ?? She told all Hindu cultural everyone Pierce theirs ears once.. I asked her for clarification my ears are pierced or what? Mom said not yet... when we talking selvi came inside and ask about thought.. I told that...selvi was happy to hear that I have interest to Pierce my ears..she said no worry we will go temple tomorrow and Pierce.. mom said ok..selvi asked me wat type of ear ring you like..I said whatever you likes.... she told me get ready to go for shopping...I said ok..I went take bath...after bath I dried my hair like selvi thought..I tied my hair with towel..I am waiting for selvi to comp my hair...she came I gave het oil,she applied oil and told me today school leave so we can make single plaits.. I dnt know the meaning,I said ok...she did with single plaits,mom gave some flowers to selvi to keep my hair,she asked my permission , I said keep..she told you like to keep flowers ...I said yes...I went inside to wear dress...selvi told me today you have to wear some special dress so come to my home....I asked what type... we went their she gave me one red color kurta and black color Jean ..its so tight and no zip in the pant....I just wore that dress mom said its perfect you so much for your hairstyle....she gave me a slippers to wear..we told mom and went to shopping first selvi took jumukas type earrings gave to me,shops girls told me its looks very nice "madam" I just shocked ,selvi smiled me and asked do you like...I told her yes....we took tat show the mirror to keep tat jumukas and see,I kept that on my ears and see,oh my God I can't believe my eyes am looking like real girl...I asked selvi what is this? She said all looks good sathya....your really looks like girly..plz understand. I hope your mother also wants daughter only.I got confused and went asked me why you came so hurry?? I asked her mom you wnt me as girl? Mon said both is fine...I asked mom now a days I have hair like girl,putting flowers on my hair,tomorrow am gng to Pierce my ears also,I don't know what happens to me,but I like this ma .. mom came near to me and told if you wanne be a girl plz do wat u want....I have confused what to do..I went selvi home what can do, she simply said I know you like this so you have all girly things then why can't you dress like girl sathya? I said I like everything but this society will make shame on me....selvi told me live what you like,you should not live for others..I said yes, then I told mom like this....she told me disconnect my studies..I said ok.... mom gave onering to selvi told her to get some money for ring....she also brought 10000 for that gave to gave me that money said buy whatever you want but it should be traditional..I said ok... I gave money to selvi..we went for shopping for my transfermation...we brought sarees,churithar,skirt,nighty and all...we went to the fancy store for nail Polish and bangles and payal ...we brought all we need...I shown my mom she was so happy..? Sathya-4
Next day morning I woke up mom was making hot water for me,selvi was their in bathroom, she asked me to remove my dress,and she gave me a petticoat to wear mom tied that till my chest(breast)I sat in the chair first she put turmeric paste on my face and body..luckily I dint have hairs on my body and face..that smell mindblowing...I am enjoying the movements..she washed my hairs also after taken the bath she gave me a new petticoat to wear I wore it and weNT to my room...selvi came and removed that petticoat I was nude infront them, she told now onwards nothing's to hide in between us..she gave me a panty and padded bra to wear, she helped me to wear then gave me petticoat and half saree..she tied all those things... I touch my mother feet and took asirvath from her,from het eyes tears cme..but I convinced her..then we start to go temple....after we reached we find the person who is piercing ears..I sat infront him told him to Pierce my ears aswell my nose and selvi was happy to hear that....he asked my name,I told him sathya....he pierced my both ears,asked which side he wants Pierce my nose I told him right side..he pierced it was pain ...we paid money and went to the temple , I prayed the God I want to live like this in my life,plz show sone good person to marry me and take care for my mom also...then we went to my home....I sat on the floor mom told me to learn girly meaners and cooking everything I said ok...selvi told me we have fancy store near our home she arranged one job for me as sales am staying as girl and my neighbors aunt son loving me very sincerely ,I told Mon she also accepted , nrxt month we are gng to marry.....
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