Most Beautiful Indian Crossdressser :: Ms. Sujaya

At first i didn't believe that she is a cross dresser....I think

some of you might have same doubt when u see these images.
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Step Into My Shoes :: I hope you all will love this fantastic story by Shefali

After a long tiring night I woke up early in the morning and found my husband dozing heavily. My husband used to have a sound sleep even when he worked half of what I worked. Prem is my husband and we had married just a year ago. He was a typical male chauvinist and believed that domestic duties were meant only for women. I adjusted my night gown, tied the buttons and entered the kitchen to prepare tea for me and my husband. He always wanted his tea in bed. Only after he would have his first cup of tea he came out of the blanket and out of the bed. It took me just a couple of minutes to get the tea prepared. I poured the tea into the cup and entered the bedroom and found my husband still lying wearing only a trunk. He was almost naked. He had a clean body without any hairs on it. He even did not grow beard barring a few strands of hair under his chin.  I gave him a jerk to wake him up. But instead of being pleased he just howled at me, You have disturbed my sleep. How peaceful it was, when my eyes were closed. I have brought tea for you. If you wish to drink it, just wake up and drink it. I replied sarcastically.
After the tea I started my daily routine of sweeping and dusting the house. It took a lot of time. After the sweeping and dusting I used to have my bath and only then I would prepare breakfast and also lunch for our offices. Both me and my husband were in job in private companies. The salary of my husband was just not enough for both of us. So I had to step out and in a very short time I was earning almost twice to what my husband got. This made him jealous of me and therefore to show of his male pride he became more harsh towards me. He would not even take a glass of water to drink all by himself.
It was a very tedious work. Doing all the domestic work cooking, washing utensils, sweeping, dusting, laundering and ironing clothes and above all doing a ten hour job single handedly had created a depression in me and to add to my woes my husband became more and more demanding as time passed by. He started avoiding talking to me but was always ready to give his orders and expected me to obey him. I did not wanted to mess up my marriage so I continued to hang up. I just worked relentlessly in home and outside without any reward and the work which started at five in the morning would always end up late at eleven by night. So I was forced to work almost eighteen hours a day without any break.
Continuous work without any break created a depression in me. I wanted my husband to help me but he simply would not listen. Men are not supposed to do domestic duties. It is specifically the work of women, he would say and shed off his responsibilities. I then reminded him of the couple residing in our neighbor, See they work together and even share domestic work. The husband is so cooperative. He washes the clothes and even irons them. He is a sissy, my husband replied, he his henpecked. I cannot be like him. I could reply nothing. But in my heart I always desired that If I would get a chance I will turn him into a sissy. May be in the next birth he may be born as a girl and I would be born as a boy. Then I will show him, what it meant to be a wife.
The continuous negligent attitude of my husband towards the home created more and more problems with each passing day. He started coming home late after work. Sometimes he would be drunk. I tolerated his behavior for some time but then the water finally was rising above my head. I had to do something about the whole issue of bringing my husband back to senses, but he simply would not listen. This led me into such a depression, that once when I reported late for my job, my boss gave me an ultimatum. Mrs. Sumitra, either you must be on time or else I will have to sack you. The thought of being removed from the job brought tears to my eyes and I just could not control them. I was totally fed up and seriously thought of divorcing my husband.
Seeing my helpless condition, one of my colleague Miss. Sanjana was moved. She came nearer to me and said, what's the matter? Why are you crying. I told her that the boss has warned me that if I report late for work he will fire me. But, I can't help. It is so difficult because of my husband. I am fed up with him and his ways. He is too much demanding and does not care for my emotions and requirements at all. I have tried hard to reform him, but its of no use. We will talk later at lunch, said Sanjana. She consoled me. I felt somewhat better.
At lunch, Sanjana was with me. She wanted to hear the entire story. So in detail I told her how my husband behaved and refused to cooperate with me. If he would share just a little work and do his own work by himself, life would have been better. I told her. All the men are same. My father was just like your husband. He never took a glass of water to drink all by himself. He would just nag my mother the whole day long. I just do not know how she coped up with such behavior. But do not worry. I know of a highly famed spiritual master, who has the power of healing people by his unique ways. To some he just touches them at the right places and they are well. To some he gives medicine. May be he has a cure for your problem.
I was amazed. How could a person cure my problem with medicines or just by touching me. I was skeptical. But Sanjana assured me that he will certainly find a way of improving the behavior of my husband. I had no option, but to give a try to what Sanjana was saying.
After the office closed, Sanjana came up to me and reminded me that I had to go with her to the tantrik. She had raised in me some hopes of respite, that I may be able to save my marriage by reforming my husband. So I went along with her on the outskirts of the city where he was staying for the moment. When we entered the place where he was sitting there was a big mass gathered. People of all ages, rich or poor were present there to solve their problems. The tantrik was an impressive looking figure with tall height and broad built. To some he gave his blessings and to some he would give some herbal medicines. The atmosphere was charged up. It gave me some hopes that my problem too would be solved. There were several persons who narrated stories of their belief on the master and as to how he cured their problems. After waiting for about an hour it was my turn.
I stated my problem to the tantrik. He listened patiently. After I had spoken, he said to me, Your problem is really difficult to solve. It involves sacrifices. But If you are ready to make some sacrifices then I will give you my blessings and some other treatment. I was ready to try anything, and to make any sacrifice he asked me to do. When he saw my determination, he said to me. The problem is your husband's ego. As a man he does not want to feel inferior to you in any way and that is the reason for his bad behavior towards you. So if you really want to improve him, then you will have to try something extraordinary. Both of you will have to step into each other's shoes. I did not understand what he meant by stepping into each other's shoes. He smiled and from a box he took out six tablets. Six of them were blue in color and the remaining six were pink. Blue is for boys and pink is for girls, he said. He put the medicines in a packet and said to me, You have to take three blue tablets, one for each day as soon as you get up, either with milk or tea, whatever you drink. You must give three pink tablets to your husband, one for each day. When your wishes are fulfilled just remember me with whole your heart and i will appear. Then I will give you the remaining three blue and three tablets, you must preserve them because they may be needed later on. You will have to decide when to use them. And remember, these tablets are soluble so you will have no difficulty in administering to your husband.And remember one more thing, Do not enter into physical Intimacy with your husband or else everything will slip out of my hands. I promised him what he wanted. Now, you may leave. God bless you. We took his blessings and left for our homes.
When I reached home, I was mixed with emotions. I was in confusion as to how these medicines would work. So I was eager to try them. That night I just could not sleep well, because my mind was working continuously. I tried hard to sleep but failed. The next morning as usual I got up from the bed and saw my husband still lying. Though he had a good sleep, he too had woke up, but he lay there still onto the bed. I stood before the mirror, adjusted my nightie and then after washing my face entered into the kitchen to prepare tea. After I had prepared the tea, I took out a tablet one of blue color and one of a pink color. The pink tablet was easily soluble. I left my tea into the kitchen and took my husband's cup of tea into the bedroom. When he saw that the tea was ready, he woke up and in a few minutes he had consumed it. I then went into the kitchen mixed the blue tablet in my cup and tea and drank it.
Nothing really happened on the first day. The entire day passed of without any change in circumstances or my husband's behavior towards me. He was still late at home and as usual making me run for his very petty demands. I began to suspect the effectiveness of the medicines. At night, both of us went to bed as usual. The medicine were for three days. May be it would work tomorrow, I thought and tried to sleep. But sleep was far away from my eyes. I had some strange sensations inside my body. I looked at my husband. he too was feeling uneasy. It was almost past midnight, when I began to feel drowsy. After some time I was in a deep slumber. The next day when I woke up and as usual I looked myself into the mirror. I felt that my breasts had shrunk a little and I felt as if I had put some weight. I did not understand what had happened. But, I closed the buttons of my nightie as usual, washed my face, and entered the kitchen to prepare tea.
As usual, I prepared tea, poured it into the cups, mixed the medicines, and served my husband. He was still sleeping. When I woke him up, he was somewhat passive and did not growl. Instead, he stared me, held the cup of tea and drank it. I took my cup of tea and consumed it. After the tea my husband instead of reading the newspaper, entered the bathroom to take a wash. When he came out after the bath, he was wearing just a towel. I noticed that his chest was somewhat rounder as if he had acquired some breasts and his waist looked somewhat slimmer. I thought it was a hallucination, so I just stopped thinking about it and went into the kitchen to finish preparing the breakfast.
The first day did not seem eventful accept that I got skeptical about the whole thing. Is it going to work. Are my breasts shrinking and was his breasts growing. How can that happen? I could not believe it. I thought it was foolish to think like this. There are many scoundrels who give you some sort of intoxicated drugs, so you never know what is happening actually. By evening, I went home as usual, and like any other day continued to work without any assistance from my husband.
We went to sleep. My husband who had unexpectedly came home earlier was complaining of a slight headache and therefore went to sleep early. I slept besides him and had strange feelings in my mind. I wanted to get hold of him from behind and wished to hug him, kiss him hard and press his chest. But then I thought it was a fantasy of my mind. I willfully turned my face the other way and tried to sleep.
The next morning when I woke up and as always I looked myself into the mirror, I felt strange. My breasts had shrunk more than the previous day. The cups of the bra went empty. Though I still had breasts they were reduced from a C cup to an A cup. The difference between my breast size and waist size was also shrinking. This was no hallucination. It seemed real. But, I entered the kitchen as usual to prepare tea. This was the third and final day. When I entered the bedroom I was amazed to find my husband examining his body into the mirror. Something is happening to me, he said. I am getting slimmer and my chest is growing. You are so lucky to get slimmer without any exercises or any hard effort. I said to him. He seemed pleased with the comments. For the first time ever after marriage he gave me a kiss on my cheeks. But when he saw me he seemed little worried. You are getting fatter, he said. He is really changing. Now, I had a feeling that the turmoil in my life was beginning to end. But when he said that the boss gave him a promotion and had doubled his salary, I knew the reason of his happiness. It had nothing to do with the effects of the medicine, but he only wanted to show that he now got salary equal to me.
He drank the tea taking large sips in a minute. I did the rest of my work as usual. Nothing unusual happened in the day. I thought that the behavioral changes in my husband might be temporary. I began to doubt the sincerity of the tantrik. When after work hours I reached home there was nothing new. My husband was late as he always was. He was talking to me in same tone he always used with me. This made me more skeptical. But the body changes were real and they could not be doubted.
So, with doubts in my mind I went to sleep. My husband was already lying on the bed. He experienced some pain in his stomach and was uneasy. After some time, I also had the same feeling. I feared that I had made some mistake while preparing dinner and therefore both of us felt uneasy. Almost for two hours the pain subsisted and grew with time passing by. After two hours both of us went into deep slumber.
The next morning when I woke up, I was feeling a bit drowsy. But I had to do my work. I went in front of the mirror and adjusted my nightie. But to my surprise I found out that I had lost my breasts. I felt embarrassed. So in a hurry I entered the bathroom to wash my face. After I had washed my face, I felt a strong pressure to urinate. As usual I sat down to pass it off. But to my utmost surprise I found a little ***** hanging in between my legs. My goodness, I thought. I was worried that if my husband found it out he will surely sue me for divorce. So quickly I made an exit from the bathroom and entered the kitchen to prepare tea.
My tension about the changes in my body grew. But still I managed to get the tea ready, poured it into a cup and headed towards the bedroom to my husband. I woke him up. He rubbed his eyes and got up. Before refreshing himself he stood before the mirror and saw himself. He almost screamed but he controlled himself. It was amazing. He had grown breasts and almost C cups. For a while he pressed them to feel that they were real. But they were real. He then examined his testes, ***** and found them missing. Instead he had developed a ******. He just sat down and could not at all reason out what was happening to him. He became so much tense that he actually began to sob. The first time ever I saw him behaving like this.
But now I had begun to understand what was happening. The medicines were having their effect on the body.  But I never knew it could have such a drastic effect. I was worried. How will I go to work. And how will my husband go to work. The entire scene scarred me. I just sat down to think what to do next. After a while I desperately called Sanjana. When she heard my frightful voice, she also became tense and assured me that she was going to be there in few minutes.
Sanjana arrived in just a few minutes. I opened the door for her. My husband hid himself into the bathrom, when he learnt that someone had come to meet me. I told the entire event to Sanjana and also How I had developed a ***** and how my husband developed breasts and a ******. She listened patiently to the whole story. After giving it a thought, she burst out laughing. So, the tantrik has turned your lives. Sumitra, you have now become a man and your husband has become a woman. Where is he. I then realized what Sanjana was saying is true. Our gender has changed. I pointed to her that my husband was hiding in the bathroom. Drag him out, she said. How can I do it, I said. Sumitra, you are now a man, just behave like one. I sensed that my husband has now become my wife, the power in me grew, I just thrust open the door of the bathroom and holding his hands led him out. Seeing him in such a pathetic state, Sanjana burst out laughing. She made him sit in front of her and said. I know what has happened to you. But being a woman is no shame. But what about our work, I said to Sanjana. How are we going to face our colleagues at office. Sanjana then sensed that it was really a problem.
She then hit upon an idea. She called the boss on phone and said that since sumitra was having some problem, she would be absent from work for just two days. And then noting the telephone no. of the boss of my husband, she conveyed the same message. So for two days the problem was solved. I was somewhat relieved. But Sanjana then started speaking, Both of you have cahnged. I will really miss you Sumitra but now its time for action. First you must change your names according to your gender. I nodded and my husband too. After working it for some time, I preferred calling my husband Pramila and I became Sumit. So once the names were settled, Sanjana took two  sheets of paper and asked me to write a letter to the boss.
Dear Sir, I will not be able to continue in your services due to some very personal reasons. Therefore, in the interest of the Company I am sending to you another equally qualified girl, Pramila. I hope You will be pleased to appoint her in my place. Yours faithfully. Then on the other sheet of paper she wrote the same letter for me. You will now join service in place of Sumitra, she said to Prem. And you will join service in place of Prem, she said to me. Now its already late. I too have to join my job. I shall certainly help you, whenever you need it. Saying this she left for her workplace.
After Sanjana had gone, I sat down in front of my husband, who was still sitting in a depressing mood. You have to accept your fate. Its our destiny now. You must accept the fact that you are a girl now and you must embrace and enjoy your feminity with dignity and grace. I have also accepted the fact that I am no longer a Girl and no longer your wife. We have changed. I said to him. He still was in a shock. I asked him to take a bath. We will do it together, I said to him. He accepted. Together we entered the bathroom to have a bath. I stripped myself. I had a flat chest now and a long grown *****. I then stripped my husband of his clothes. He had full grown up breasts and his ***** was missing. Instead he had acquired a Vagina. Together we took our bath. I enjoyed rubbing him and giving him a massage. He too came into his own after he had touched me. After the bath, both of us came out.
As usual he was to wear his shirt, when I stopped him. This is not for you darling. I said to him. I gave him my bra and a set of sari, blouse and petticoat. He did not knew how to wear it. So after I had worn his shirt and a trouser, I helped him in wearing a bra. The full rounded breasts created a wonderful cleavage. I got attracted to it and twice I put my finger into the cleavage and rubbed it upside down. My husband now had begun to feel that he was now a girl. Once he started accepting it became easier for me. I helped him in wearing the sari.
But still much was left desired. Even though our sex had changed, my hair was still long. I had to cut them after which I felt better. But for my husband his hair was still short and it would take a long time to grow. He needed a wig. So I had to note it down what was now required for me and my husband.
It was noon time when there was finally some time to relax. We will have a cup of tea. As soon as I was about to go into the kitchen, I remembered. I am not a girl now. So I then realized that I had to become the husband and Pramila was to become a wife for me. So I ordered Pramila to make tea for both of us. Pramila was surprised. She was about to ask something that I interrupted, Look Pramila, you have now become a girl and now you will have to live your life as my wife. I will be your husband. There is no other option. And men never do domestic duties, you very well know that. Now hurry up and prepare tea. Pramila wanted to protest, but failed.  Pramila did not know how to prepare tea. So I had to help her into the kitchen. You will have to learn fast Pramila. Its now your duty to do all domestic work, including cooking, sweeping, dusting, laundering and ironing. You are now supposed to keep your husband happy and pleased.
I understand sumit, said Pramila. I was pleased to hear my name as Sumit from Pramila's mouth. At last she has accepted her fate. I had now begun to understand the words of the tantrik, Your husband will never understand unless he steps into your shoes. Now he had entered into my shoes. We both had exchanged places. I will appoint a trainer for you who will teach you cooking and make up. I said to Pramila. What could she say? She had to accept.
I called Sanjana to discuss about the training. When Sanjana heard it, she herself was ready to teach Pramila. It would be interesting, She said. After all I have never taught a man how to cook and how to apply make up and wear dresses. My problem was solved. The next two days saw more changes in me and Pramila. While Pramila became more and more feminine, the power in me began to grow and I could feel my **** getting bigger and sometimes hardening.
Two days passed and I felt that I had not even blinked my eye. I helped Pramila in getting ready for work and both of us now had to join each others office. So I dropped Pramila at my office and wished her good luck. I then reached the office of Prem. I handed over the letter to the Boss who was a lady. She read the contents of the letter and said, Prem was a hard worker. I expect the same from you Sumit. It was very kind of Prem to have engaged you in his place. He has saved us a lot of time and money that would have been expended in recruiting another person in his place. I assured my new boss that I will work as hard as Prem. She then ordered her secretary to guide me to my chamber.
I worked hard to gain the confidence of my boss. Though it was my first day at the new office, I did not find any difficulty in doing my work and as the noon passed, I got familiar with my other colleagues. They very well supported me. After the first day's work, I was worried about Pramila. Did she get along nicely? I called on Sanjana to enquire about it. Sanjana was ecstatic. The boss was pleased with the situation that he did not have to go through all the trouble of advertising for the post. She said to me. She was so pleased to have Pramila as her new friend that throughout she just taught her how to behave like a good girl. There was no problem at the end of the day. When I left my office, I headed straight to Pramila's office to pick her. She had been waiting for me. Sanjana also followed us to our home. Sanjana was living alone in a hostel, where she called on the warden to inform her that she would be out for a week.
When we reached our home, Sanjana was quick to react. I am now going to teach her how to treat your husband at the end of the day. To me she said, Just lay down on the chair. I did it. She then ordered Pramila, Take off his shoes and keep them on the shoe shelf. Bring for him the slippers you wear at home. Pramila did it. I enjoyed the feeling when Pramila took my shoes off from my feet. Hand your purse on the hook. Now arrange for a face wash for Sumit. After Pramila had served me as she was told, Sanjana asked her to change. Take off your sari Pramila and wear this Salwar suit. You will find it comfortable. As Pramila changed, I enjoyed watching her boobs sway side ways even when secured in the cups of the bra. After Pramila had changed, Sanjana took her into the kitchen and taught her how to prepare and serve tea. Pramila did it. After the tea, cooking lessons started for Pramila. Sanjana and I helped Pramila.
Pramila was quick to learn. In a month, she had learnt good cooking, learnt to dress and apply make up. I too brought for her various dresses for her size and that would look appropriate at work place and at home. It was time when I started to use the same egoistic language she used, when she was my husband. Slowly and steadily I succeeded in inducing in Pramila's mind that men never did domestic work and it was meant to be done only by women. Why would the mother's teach their daughters all the domestic work.  Pramila knew it. She was only forced by the change to learn and do domestic duties. She never did it and would never had done it, had she remained a man. But with circumstances changed, she had to do it. I had to teach her a lesson. So after Pramila had learnt cooking and dressing, I began to withdraw from housework.
Though our bodies had changed, I had never opted for physical intimacy as the tantrik had warned, until one day when Pramila after she had finished her work was changing from salwar suit into a nightie. I was watching her with interest. Her big breasts were tight and firm and could be easily seen under the see through nightie. Suddenly, I felt my **** straightening up. After a while it came down. But by then, I was so much attracted to Pramila that I could not resist my feelings,  got up and caught her from behind. I jerked her onto the bed and opening the hooks of her nightie kissed her nipple very hard. Pramila was just afraid at this sudden outburst. She tried to escape but I holded her so strong into my arms that she almost gave up. I licked her and kissed her in the most intimate parts which aroused her and also aroused me. But after the initial foreplay when I put my **** into her mouth, Pramila felt envious of me. She had this thing a few months back. But now the tables were turned. After sometime, I was able to put the hard **** into her ******. Out and in it went. Pramila after a initial shock started loving it and experienced the feeling of orgasm. After I had done it, fear entered into my mind as I remembered the words of the tantrik, Things will go out of my hands, he had said.
The first time sex was a real eye opener for me. For the first time I experienced the power and the feeling of being in control. Pramila was almost helpless. She just lied down the bed and waited for me to make the moves. Never before I had felt such great feeling of freedom and of choice. I wanted to gain total control of Pramila. So when the next day she woke up after a sound sleep, I made it very clear to her that as a husband I would be in total control of the house and of Pramila herself. And from that very day I made it clear to her that since she had learnt almost all domestic work, I was simply not going to help her.
It was Pramila all the way. She would get up early, work in the house and also in the office. Very soon she started feeling the brunt of working all alone without any external help. And to add to her misery I would just engage in loving her every three to four days in a week. I could not control it. The first time ever I ****ed Pramila I had already physical intimacy with her. The damage was already done. So I continued to do it. Pramila was exhausted. I wanted just that. She should know what it felt to be like a woman. Working all day long without expecting any help from your husband and at the end of the day, pleasing him.
One day after Pramila woke up she headed straight away to the washbasin. She was feeling some heaviness  and tried to vomit out something. I was worried about her health. So I took an appointment  with the Doctor. The doctor at her clinic examined Pramila. It took almost fifteen minutes. After the check up when the Doctor came out of the room, she asked my name and scribbled something on her writing pad. Then she broke the news. Sumit, you are going to be a father. Your wife is fine and she is pregnant. I just could not believe it. Pramila was pregnant. The news was full of emotions for me and also for Pramila.
How can I become pregnant? asked Pramila. Its true that I have grown breasts and ****** but did I change completely? Do I have a uterus. How am I going to carry the child. How will be the labour? Will the child be normal. The Doctor was aghast. But she answered all the questions patiently. By this time Pramila had come to believe that bearing a child and becoming a mother was her destiny and she could not avoid it. It was my child too. Though Pramila wanted an abortion, I never allowed her to miscarry the fetus. I want the child, and that too a baby boy. I told her in clear terms.
The next nine months were hard for Pramila. She too was anxious as to how would the child be born. She would lovingly and affectionately slid her hands over her bulging stomach. I had told her in clear terms that I wanted a baby boy. If it will be a girl, we shall try again. I also had to engage a maid servant to help Pramila in such time. Finally after nine months the doctor announced that Pramila must be ready any time for delivery. The eventful day finally arrived. Pramila was writhe with pain and pleasure. The doctor took her into the labour room. I had to wait ouside. After almost an hour I heard the cries of the child. I was excited. The doctor came out of the room and said, Sumit you have become a father now. Your wife has delivered a baby girl. Though I was happy but then I had wished for a boy. I told the Doctor that I hoped for a boy. Try again, said the doctor. But now its time for you to enjoy and to share responsibilities of the new child with your wife. I entered the room. The child was lying beside the mother. I hold the baby in my arms. It was my child. I had become the father. I was overjoyed.
In next two days Pramila was back home with the child. The doctor had specifically advised Pramila to breastfeed the child for six months. I would just watch Pramila's breasts when she fed the child. They had grown in size and had become more tender. Pramila had asked for leave from work for a month which she had got. So for a month she had no problems in taking care of the child, but when it was time to return back at work, I had to make arrangements for proper care of the child in a crèche. Pramila's work was now tripled. She completed all her domestic duties day in and day out, also took care of the child and also took care of her service. I never helped her. After all it was not for a man to do domestic work or take care of the child, I said to Pramila. Pramila had also grown in size all around as all women grow after the birth of a child. She now looked more attractive and glowing than before.
Pramila was exhausted. She complained to me that I was not at all cooperative. But I shrugged my shoulders and said, If I were in your place, would you have helped me. Certainly not. I still remember the days when I was your wife and you were the husband. You never cared for my emotions. How can you now ask me to help you?  Have you forgotten that Men are not supposed to do any domestic work? And you must be grateful to me that I do not smoke or drink as you did it. Pramila could not speak. She knew every word was correct. She resigned to her fate.
I desperately wanted a baby boy. I coaxed Pramila into sex once again. She had no choice but to lay still while I ****ed her. After few months of intimacy The same doctor once again declared, Sumit your wife is pregnant the second time. I wanted a boy. So I tested the gender of the child and got it confirmed that it was going to be a boy. If it would have been a girl second time, I would rather have got the fetus aborted and tried again. Hearing this Pramila went into tears. You are a beast, she said. You simply do what you want. You have no love for your wife, Isn't it. I laughed at her comment. That's what I wanted. I wanted to frustrate her so much that she would beg for mercy.
But Pramila took to her fate rather calmly. In due time she gave birth to a baby boy. I was thrilled. I would just hold the child in my arms. I am going to make him like me. I said to Pramila. But now Pramila would not listen. She just did what she wanted to do. I felt as if she had started giving more time to her children than to me. That night when I wished to hold her from behind she just threw my hands off from her body. You are a beast, she said. All the time, you just think of sex. For the first time, I felt humiliated. I just could not control my anger. I slapped Pramila very hard. Pramila gave in sobbing. Though I felt bad afterwards but now I felt much more in control. I can make her do anything, I thought. She just needs some punishment.
I had found out the hidden power in me. I started scolding and beating Pramila for every mistake she committed. Pramila knew nothing how to react. She would just take the scolding and the beating as I inflicted on her. She would not say a word. I remembered, I also never reacted when Prem used to scold me. But it was the inner tension in me that led to this incident of sex change. I became somewhat sceptical. what would happen if Pramila will learn of the tantrik and meet him. It will be all over. He is so much powerful. I asked Sanjana to keep a watch on Pramila's activities.
Pramila has started neglecting duties at her office. She was warned by the boss a no. of times but Pramila did not care. She was so much engaged in her children. At this point of I decided that it was enough. I scolded Pramila for neglecting her office duties, but she replied, Its none of your business. After all, how would you know what it meant bearing two children and what it meant to be a mother. I have nurtured them in my womb for nine months, I have breastfed them. How will you understand all this? I knew Pramila was correct. I had wished the same thing some years back. But destiny had to play a part in our lives. But then I was bent upon teaching Pramila a lesson. So I wrote to her boss that since Pramila did not care for her house and for her children, it would be better if her salary was handed over to me. He accepted my request. When Pramila came to know of it, she cried. But then I wanted her to be in total submission to me. I wanted her to ask from me almost everything she required from household items to her personal needs.
Sanjana did not like my behavior. She started avoiding me. One day she told me clearly that I had gone too far in my macho ways that it was impossible for me to return back to normal. Who cares, I replied. Hearing my answer Sanjana walked out of my home and vowed that she will never talk to me again unless I mend my ways. I did feel bad for a moment but I tried to forget.
Meanwhile Pramila continued to work as usual. But after Sanjana had broken off the frienship, I never had any news of Pramila from her as to how she was doing at her office. The link was completely broken. After some months I heard that the tantrik was back again into the city after a long gap of four years. I wanted to thank him. So I decided to meet him. One afternoon, I took leave from my office and went to the tantrik. To my utter surprise I found out Sanjana and Pramila waiting for their turn. I was skeptical and also became nervous. If Pramila will know the secret for her gender change, I will lose all my control over her. I became nervous.
After a short while It was turn for Sanjana and Pramila. Since I was sitting behind them they had not noticed me. I listened to what they were saying. It was the same story all over again. Only with a difference that in my place Pramila was sitting. The tantrik closed his eyes for a moment and looking towards Pramila said, Your wife also has come and is sitting among the people. She has come to thank me for what I gave her but, now I think, I will have to end up the problem here itself and forever. He then called me by my name, Sumitra, please come here. I was humiliated. How can he call me Sumitra now. But when he called my name for the second time by some unknown force I was led to sit before him. Sanjana and Pramila saw me. I could not face them.
The tantrik sensed my nervousness. He said to me, Sumitra, you have been here before. You had the same problem as your husband is facing now. I never knew you will go so far. I then thought that you needed domestic help from your husband, but he did not care to help or even listen to you. But he never slapped you, did he? No, he did not slap me, I replied. I felt humiliated. But the tantrik continued. I did what I felt was best for you. Your husband then needed some punishment and therefore I gave you the tablets. The tablets worked and you stepped into each other's shoes. But you missed out something. I had advised you to not to indulge in any physical intimacy or sexual activity. But you did not pay any attention. You did exactly what you were not supposed to do and I now find that you have become a father of two children. By entering into physical intimacy, you have lost a chance to regain your ownself. The process has now become irreversible. You are to stay as a man for ever and Pramila is to stay as a woman and a wife forever.
I was relieved that things were not going to change now. Pramila will be my wife forever and I will be her husband forever. I felt victorious. I looked at Pramila. She was looking into the ground. The tantrik continued, But beware Sumit, you must now treat your wife with love and care or else things will take an ugly turn for you. I assured the tantrik that I will do what he said. Pramila was nervous. She now knew the secret of her gender change but could do nothing about it. She had heard it was irreversible. When we reached home I scolded Pramila for attending to the tantrik. This time she did not remain calm and backfired. Now that I know what trick you have played on me I will ruin your life. But what she will do, I thought. She is already under my control, physically and financially. She is so weak that she will not be able to do any harm, I thought.
That day I was more than pleased. I thought I was triumphant. So in order to celebrate the permanent change I decide to take Pramila for a dinner at a restaurant. Though Initially she refused, but after some hiccups finally agreed. I took Pramila to the best of the restaurant. After we had the dinner and returned home late night, I encircled my hands around Pramila's waist and said to her, I always feared that I might lose you some day. But now I am assured that you are to be my wife forever. Saying this, I started opening the buttons of her blouse. You are a beast, said Pramila. Your mind is always occupied with sex. But I want to celebrate, I replied. And why should I lose an opportunity when I have with me the most beautiful woman. I flirted her. I kissed on her cheeks.Then  I got hold of her and lifter her up. I carried her all the way to bed. I loved when she was pounding at my chest. It was certainly a manly feeling. I just threw her onto the bed and in the process I slipped and I too fell down. I lost my senses for a while.
I did not knew what happened. I woke up and regained my senses to find out that it was morning. I just went in front of the mirror to button up my shirt. But to my amazement I was wearing a nightie. I looked at my breasts. They were fully grown up and the *****, it was gone. Had I been dreaming all the night? I wished the dream would come true. I looked at my husband. As usual he was sleeping.I went into fear as I remembered his growling. I went into the kitchen as usual to prepare tea for him and me. I poured the tea into the cups, laid them on the tray and went into the bedroom. Tea is ready. I said and laid down the tea on the side table. My husband got up from his sleep. Looking at me he pulled me into the bed and said, You know sumitra, I had a horrible dream. And then he went to narrate his dream as to how he turned into a woman and then a wife and a mother of two children. he also narrated as to how I had ****ed him. Though I felt a little embarrassed I asked him, how could it happen, that both of us saw the same dream?       
Prem had understood and was now realizing that his behaviour towards me was abnormal and that of an highly egoistic person. He apologized to me for his erratic and harsh behavior. I had been so much mean and cruel to you, He said. I am now beginning to understand that being a housewife is not easy. Working all the day in office and at home and also bearing the responsibility of bringing up the children is no joke. You have to be a superwoman. You have been just that. I think that all my pride was just hollow and I must shed it. You have been the most caring and loving wife. Any other girl as my wife would have opted out of the marriage by now. But you have stuck to it.
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The Cross dressing Day :: A lovely Story

The date is 29th february and this day ih our family every member cross dress and have fun. This day comes in four years and this day became from my forefather enjoyment and the make it a festival of my family.
Sorry, sorry, sorry , I forget to tell about me. Hi I am Sanjay, only twelve years old and I hate this day because I dont want to crossdress.But my mother help and force to wear a princess frock, the yellow frock with net frills and a sash belt in back. First she give me panty and then the frock and tied the belt behind with a nonslip bow. After it she wore me socks and ladies school shoes. Then she combed my hair like a girl and tied yellow hair ribbons in my hair. And last item she make up me and touched a little lipstick and short earrings and pretty thin chain neckless. I am so shy to see me in the mirron and my sister Nidhi who is two years older than me, laughing to see me and pinch me by saying Sanjana, Sanjana. I am thinking that I have no choice so I went to my grandmother room, my grandmother have some illness so she could not cross dress. I told my problem to her and She said to me polightly,"Son it is not a punishment it is a way to express our fun." I asked her,"Why we do it." She answered,"It is traditional day that my grand parent make in their early life and decide to make that day to remember their fun. "I asked what day. She said that I told you the story of your grandparents who made the day in witch we understand the feelings of our partner.
She said that many times ago her grandparents lived in Gokul and there famous festival is Holi and everyone take more parts in this festival. There is a best part of holi is Latthmar holi in which the boys of barsana and gokul boys take her lord Krishna flag to each other village and the girls of village stop them to go Radha rani temple. The girls beat them by bamboo stick and boys survive themselves from it. And the twist at last, the boy who caught,the village girls dressed him like a girl and he did dance. The girls did it by force.
My grandparents meet in this festival. My grand father,Ramesh was one of the boys who went barsana with the flag and unfortunately he caught by my grandmother,Kamla. So it is the first time that Ramesh and Kamla meet each other. So Kamladressed Ramesh in saree and all girls have force him to dance and when he did not dance properly they beat him with love. In this time Kamla and Ramesh had love to eachother. After this Ramesh often came to meet kamla and their love is now famous so their parents arrange their marriage.But the twist began in Suhagraat.
Ramesh took rose flower to Kamla but Kamla had some angriness because she did not like roses so Ramesh start to do love with her but Kamla is not in good mood. So Ramesh said,"what do you want?" Kamla said,"Ramesh you rdmember our first meeting in this you crossdressed by force. Now This is our first night and I want that you crossdress now.Ramesh was surprised to hear this and said that it is not possible but Kamla got angry and said then our first night was over and I go to sleep. Ramesh did not want that so he was ready to crossdress. So Kamla dressed him in her bride cloth and she dressed in groom cloth and Ramesh spend her first night as bride and Kamla spend as groom. That time the date is 29th february.After the night when they woke up they found that Ramesh parents watched them like this and they laughed whole dayand Kamla told them the reason. And from that day they decide that this date their whole family cross dress and this became a family festival.
Hearing this story I have no confusion to do cross dressed and at that time I take interested in cross dressing and start cross dressing when I am alone in the house. First I wear my sister frocks then her salwar kameez.
One day when I am fiteen years old Nidhi saw me one day cross dressing in her cloth,Then that happen, from whitch I am afraid off. She told my parents and my parents gave me punishment to live one week as a girl and I should obey my sister orders.
Nidhi take this very seriously and tell me that now you are my girl,You should obey my order otherwise I beat you. I think I have no choice. First she ordered me to go bathroom and shave your body hair. I do so and take bath. After it she gave me bra and panty to wear then she put some foam pads in bra cup to fil it. She gave me her pink top and white full skirt. She use wig in my hair and a hair band also. She touch little make up in my face and a pinkish lipstick on my lips. She worn me clip earrings, six glass bangles in each hands, a thin chain neckless, anklets and also put bindi in my face. Now I get ready for the punishment so she gave instruction to me that from now you are Sanjana and your duty is obey my orders.She ordered me to clean the house and washing utencils and other type of house work. Four days passed like it and everything is going very easy to me but the fifth day is very humiliated for me. She dressed me in Salwaar kameez and heavy jwellery. She take me to shopping with her. First I requested her not to take me outside but She did not understand me and I have to go with her. We go by our car and reach the market.The twist is that she left me alone in the market and came to home. I am standing now on busy road and House is two miles away from market.I have no money so I start walking to the house. I reach house after Two hour and between this time I am being seen by most person. In the way two street boys wistling on me and hooting also. When I came to house I shout on Nidhi but she scold me that she search me one hour and she came when I do not meet her. I knew she was telling a lie but I have nothing for my side. So the seven day left with sweet punishment by my sister
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Zhao - (Indian Dancer)

He's was selected for male version of a Chinese TV show named "Indian Dancer". He's been very popular. But recently he has been replaced by someone else.

This is just another example that cross-dressing has been an ancient tradition in Asian countries. There are a lot of  Chinese male artists who perform as female in theater.

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Boys dressed as Girls famous galary

Boys dressed as Girl
Boys dressed as Girl
Boys dressed as Girl
Boys dressed as Girl
Boys dressed as Girl
Boys dressed as Girl
Boys dressed as Girl
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